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H31 (H3100) Series Bearing Adapter Sleeves

H31 (H3100) Series Bearing Adapter Sleeves Admin Edit

Min. Order: 500 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: T/T
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Land
Production Capacity: 100000 pcs/month
Packing: Neutral Carton...
Delivery Date: 30 days Brand Name: HOLK
Product Name: Bearing Adapter Sleeves Series: H31 Series, H3100 Series
Material: 20# Steel Taper: 1:12
Surface Treatment: Anti-Rust Oil Surface Roughness: Below Ra 2.5
Packaging: Neutral Packing Applications: Locating bearings with a tapered bore onto a cylindrical seat

Bearing Adapter Sleeves are commonly used for locating bearings with a tapered bore onto a cylindrical seat as they can be used on plain or stepped shafts. They are easy to install and require no additional location on the shaft. When adapter sleeves are used on plain shafts, the bearing can be located at any position on the shaft. When used on stepped shafts together with an L-shaped spacer ring, bearings can be accurately positioned axially thereby facilitating bearing mounting and dismounting.

Adapter sleeves with hydraulic assistance (Hydraulic Adapter Sleeves) facilitates mounting of large bearings. Oil pumps are required to inject pressurized oil. They are provided with oil ducts on the thread side and groove on the outer surface for oil injection internal upon request, facilitating the mounting and mainly the dismounting of the assembly.

The hydraulic adapter sleeve has the characteristics of prolonging the life of the bearing and protecting the bearing. It can be used in steel construction, cement mining, textile industry etc. 

HOLK Bearing has more than 20 years of experience in the production of high-quality both European Metric and American Inch Standard Power Transmission products. 

We manufacture premium quality Bearing Adapter Sleeves worth more than US$500,000 to a big famous European bearing company every year.

We produce top-notch quality Split Plummer Blocks worth more than US$1,000,000 to a big famous European bearing company every year.

Our Adapter Sleeves range covers H 2 series, H 3 series, H 23 series, H 30 series, H 31 series, H 32 series, H 39 series, and Hydraulic Adapter Sleeves of HOH 23/HOH32 series, HOH 31 series, HOH 30 series, and HOH 39 series. 

The Withdrawal Sleeves range covers AH 2 series, AH 3 series, AH 23 series, AH 32 series, AH 22 series, AH 30 series, AH 240 series, AH 241 series, and AH 39 series, and Hydraulic Withdrawal Sleeves of AOH 22 series, AOH 23 series, AOH 30 series, AOH 31 series, AOH 32 series, AOH 39 series, AOH 240 series and AOH 241 series, etc.

Technical Details:

Product Name: Bearing Adapter Sleeves

Series: H 31 seriesH 3100 series

Taper: 1:12

Roughness: below Ra 2.5

Material: Carbon Steel

Surface Treatment: Anti-Rust oil; Blackening is available upon request

Packaging: Neutral, customized packaging is also available

Our adapter sleeves are supplied complete with Lock Nuts and Lock Washers. Both Metric and Inch adapter sleeves are available.

Drawing and Technical Data Sheet of H31 (H3100) series Adapter Sleeves

Adapter Sleeves No.d1d  G    l    Dm    P    Lock Nuts + Locking Device  Bearings

H 312090 mm100M 100x276130
KM 20 + MB 2023120K,   C 3120KV
H 3122100 mm110M 110x281145
KM 22 + MB 2223122K
H 3124110 mm120M 120x288155
KM 24 + MB 2420324K,   22224K, 23124K
H 3126115 mm130M 130x292165
KM 26 + MB 2620326K,   22226K, 23126K
H 3128125 mm140M 140x297180
KM 28 + MB 2820328K,   22228K, 23128K
H 3130135 mm150M 150x2111195
KM 30 + MB 3020330K,   22230K, 23130K
H 3132140 mm160M 160x3119210
KM 32 + MB 3220332K,   22232K, 23132K
H 3134150 mm170M 170x3122220
KM 34 + MB 3420334K,   22234K, 23134K
H 3136160 mm180M 180x3131230
KM 36 + MB 3622236K,   23136K
H 3138170 mm190M 190x3141240
KM 38 + MB 3822238K,   23138K, C 2238K
H 3140180 mm200M 200x3150250
KM 40 + MB 4022240K,   23140K, C 3140K
H 3144200 mm220Tr 220x4161280
HM 3144 + MS 3144-MS 314822244K,   23144K, C 2244K
H 3148220 mm240Tr 240x4172300
HM 3148 + MS 3144-MS 314822248K,   23148K
H 3152240 mm260Tr 260x4190330
HM 3152 + MS 3152-MS 315622252K,   23152K
H 3156260 mm280Tr 280x4195350
HM 3156 + MS 3152-MS 315622256K,   23156K
H 3160280 mm300Tr 300x4208380
HM 3160 + MS 316022260K,   23160K, C 3160K
H 3164300 mm320Tr 320x5226400
HM 3164 + MS 316422264K,   23164K, C 3164K
H 3168320 mm340Tr 340x5254440
HM 3168 + MS 3168-MS 317223168K,   C 3168K
H 3172340 mm360Tr 360x5259460
HM 3172 + MS 3168-MS 317223172K,   C 3172K
H 3176360 mm380Tr 380x5264490
HM 3176 + MS 317623176K
H 3180380 mm400Tr 400x5272520
HM 3180 + MS 3180-MS 318423180K,   C 3180K
H 3184400 mm420Tr 420x5304540
HM 3184 + MS 3180-MS 318423184K,   C 3184K
H 3188410 mm440Tr 440x5307560
HM 3188 + MS 3188-MS 319223188K
H 3192430 mm460Tr 460x5326580
HM 3192 + MS 3188-MS 319223192K,   C 3192K
H 3196450 mm480Tr 480x5335620
HM 3196 + MS 319623196K
H 31/500470 mm500Tr 500x5356630
HM 31/500 + MS 31/500231/500K,   C 31/500K
H 31/530500 mm530Tr 530x6364670
HM 31/530 + MS 31/530222/530K,   231/530K, C 31/530K
H 31/560530 mm560Tr 560x6377710
HM 31/560 + MS 31/560-600222/560K,   231/560K
H 31/600560 mm600Tr 600x6399750
HM 31/600 + MS 31/560-600222/600K,   231/600K
H 31/630600 mm630Tr 630x6424800
HM 31/630 + MS 31/630222/630K,   231/630K
H 31/670630 mm670Tr 670x6456850
HM 31/670 + MS 31/670222/670K,   231/670K
H 31/710670 mm710Tr 710x7467900
HM 31/710 + MS 31/710222/710K,   231/710K
H 31/750710 mm750Tr 750x7493950
HM 31/750 + MS 31/750-800222/750K,   231/750K
H 31/800750 mm800Tr 800x75051000
HM 31/800 + MS 31/750-800222/800K,   231/800K
H 31/850800 mm850Tr 850x75361060
HM 31/850 + MS 31/850222/850K,   231/850K
H 31/900850 mm900Tr 900x75571120
HM 31/900 + MS 31/900222/900K,   231/900K
H 31/950900 mm950Tr 950x85831170
HM 31/950 + MS 31/950222/950K,   231/950K
H 31/1000950 mm1000Tr 1000x86091240
HM 31/1000 + MS 31/1000222/1000K,   231/1000K
H 31/10601000 mm1060Tr 1060x86221300
HM 31/1060 + MS 31/1000222/1060K,   231/1060K

Great care has been taken to ensure the correctness of the information contained in this publication but no liability can be assumed for any incorrect or incomplete data. The HOLK technical department reserves the right to final interpretation.

The roughness of HOLK's adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves is generally below Ra. 2.5.

HOLK's adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves are supplied with anti-rust oil on the surfaces. Blackening is available upon request.

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