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HMV E Series Hydraulic Nuts

HMV E Series Hydraulic Nuts Admin Edit

Min. Order: 10 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: T/T
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Land
Production Capacity: 2000 pcs/month
Packing: Neutral Carton...
Delivery Date: 30 days Brand Name: HOLK
Product Name: Hydraulic Nuts Series: HMV E Series
Model Numbers: HMV 12E, HMV 16E, HMV 20E etc Material: Chrome Steel, Stainless Steel
Packaging: Neutral Carton/Plywood Box Applications: Mounting/Dismounting bearings

Mounting bearing on tapered seatings can be a difficult and time-consuming job. This is where our HMV E series Hydraulic Nuts come into play.

Using our Hydraulic Nut facilitates easy and quick application of the high drive-up forces required for mounting bearings.

Dismounting bearings mounted on either Adapter Sleeves or Withdrawal Sleeves is also often a tough and time-consuming job. These problems can be reduced with the use of a Hydraulic Nut. Oil is pumped into the nut and the piston is pushed out with a force, which is sufficient to free the sleeve.

Photos of HMV E series Hydraulic Nuts

Drawing & Technical Details of the HMV E series Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic Nuts No.G  d1    d2    Dm    B    B1    Max. Axial Displacement    Injection   Hole Thread  
HMV 10EM  50x1.550.51041143845G1/4"
HMV 11EM  55x255.51091203845G1/4"
HMV 11x1.5EM  55x1.555.51091203845G1/4"
HMV 12EM  60x260.51151253855G1/4"
HMV 12x1.5EM  60x1.560.51151253855G1/4"
HMV 13EM  65x265.51211303855G1/4"
HMV 13x1.5EM  65x1.565.51211303855G1/4"
HMV 14EM  70x270.51271353855G1/4"
HMV 15EM  75x275.51321403855G1/4"
HMV 16EM  80x280.51371463855G1/4"
HMV 17EM  85x285.51421503855G1/4"
HMV 18EM  90x290.51471563855G1/4"
HMV 19EM  95x295.51531623855G1/4"
HMV 20EM 100x2100.51581663865G1/4"
HMV 21EM 105x2105.51631723865G1/4"
HMV 22EM 110x2110.51691783865G1/4"
HMV 23EM 115x2115.51741823865G1/4"
HMV 24EM 120x2120.51791883865G1/4"
HMV 25EM 125x2125.51841923865G1/4"
HMV 26EM 130x2130.51901983865G1/4"
HMV 27EM 135x2135.51952043865G1/4"
HMV 28EM 140x2140.52002083875G1/4"
HMV 29EM 145x2145.52062143975G1/4"
HMV 30EM 150x2150.52112203975G1/4"
HMV 31EM 155x3155.52182263975G1/4"
HMV 32EM 160x3160.52242324076G1/4"
HMV 33EM 165x3165.52292384076G1/4"
HMV 34EM 170x3170.52352444176G1/4"
HMV 36EM 180x3180.52472564176G1/4"
HMV 38EM 190x31912592704287G1/4"
HMV 40EM 200x32012712824388G1/4"
HMV 41ETr 205x42072762884388G1/4"
HMV 42ETr 210x42122822944389G1/4"
HMV 43ETr 215x42172873004389G1/4"
HMV 44ETr 220x42222933064389G1/4"
HMV 45ETr 225x42273003124589G1/4"
HMV 46ETr 230x42323053184589G1/4"
HMV 47ETr 235x423731132646810G1/4"
HMV 48ETr 240x424231633046910G1/4"
HMV 50ETr 250x425232934246910G1/4"
HMV 52ETr 260x426234135647911G1/4"
HMV 54ETr 270x427235236848912G1/4"
HMV 56ETr 280x428236338049912G1/4"
HMV 58ETr 290x429237539049913G1/4"
HMV 60ETr 300x4302386404501014G1/4"
HMV 62ETr 310x5312397416521014G1/4"
HMV 64ETr 320x5322409428531014G1/4"
HMV 66ETr 330x5332419438531014G1/4"
HMV 68ETr 340x5342430450541014G1/4"
HMV 69ETr 345x5347436456541014G1/4"
HMV 70ETr 350x5352442464561014G1/4"
HMV 72ETr 360x5362455472561015G1/4"
HMV 73ETr 365x5367460482561115G1/4"
HMV 74ETr 370x5372466486561116G1/4"
HMV 76ETr 380x5382476498581116G1/4"
HMV 77ETr 385x5387483504581116G1/4"
HMV 80ETr 400x5402499522601117G1/4"
HMV 82ETr 410x5412510534611117G1/4"
HMV 84ETr 420x5422522546611117G1/4"
HMV 86ETr 430x5432532556621117G1/4"
HMV 88ETr 440x5442543566621217G1/4"
HMV 90ETr 450x5452554580641217G1/4"
HMV 92ETr 460x5462565590641217G1/4"
HMV 94ETr 470x5472576602651218G1/4"
HMV 96ETr 480x5482587612651219G1/4"
HMV 98ETr 490x5492597624661219G1/4"
HMV 100ETr 500x5502609636671219G1/4"
HMV 102ETr 510x6512624648681220G1/4"
HMV 104ETr 520x6522634658681320G1/4"
HMV 106ETr 530x6532645670691321G1/4"
HMV 108ETr 540x6542657682691321G1/4"
HMV 110ETr 550x6552667693701321G1/4"
HMV 112ETr 560x6562678704711322G1/4"
HMV 114ETr 570x6572689716721323G1/4"
HMV 116ETr 580x6582699726721323G1/4"
HMV 120ETr 600x6602721748731323G1/4"
HMV 125ETr 625x6628750775741423G1/4"
HMV 126ETr 630x6632754782741423G1/4"
HMV 130ETr 650x6652775804751423G1/4"
HMV 134ETr 670x6672796826751424G1/4"
HMV 138ETr 690x6692819848771425G1/4"
HMV 142ETr 710x7712840870781525G1/4"
HMV 150ETr 750x7752883912791525G1/4"
HMV 155ETr 775x7777936965801625G1/4"
HMV 160ETr 800x7802936965801625G1/4"
HMV 170ETr 850x78529901020831626G1/4"
HMV 180ETr 900x790210431075861730G1/4"
HMV 190ETr 950x895210971126861730G1/4"
HMV 200ETr 1000x8100211501180881734G1/4"
HMV 212ETr 1060x8106312201255971835G1/4"

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Incoporated in 1999, HOLK Bearing leads the way in the design and manufacture of quality Bearing Housings and Bearing Adapter Sleeves/Withdrawal Sleeves, we pride ourselves on an immediate and dedicated response to standard and special bearing housing solutions. 

HOLK's max bearing housing fabrication capability: up to 5 tons/pc

We produce top-notch quality Split Plummer Blocks worth more than US$1,000,000 to a big famous European bearing company every year.

We manufacture premium quality Bearing Adapter Sleeves worth more than US$500,000 to a big famous European bearing company every year.

PRODUCT DETAIL HMVC E Series Hydraulic Nuts

HMVC E Series Hydraulic Nuts


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