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UC 300 Series Pillow Block Insert Ball Bearings

UC 300 series Pillow Block Insert Ball Bearings Admin Edit

Min. Order: 1000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: T/T
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Land
Production Capacity: 200000 pcs/month
Packing: Neutral Carton...
Delivery Date: 30 days Brand Name: HOLK
Product Name: Insert Ball Bearings Series: UC 300 series
Main Material: Bearing Steel, 100Cr6 Seal: NBR
Precision Tolerances: C3 Applcation: Pillow Block Housings
Features: Low Voice, Long life service Packaging: Neutral Carton/Plywood Box

Insert Bearings are simply standard radial bearings that have been adapted to fit into a Bearing Housing, which is why they are often referred to as adapted radial bearings. Insert Bearings are commonly sold with a housing, they can also be purchased without one. 

Insert bearings typically have a spherically shaped (convex) outside surface and an extended inner ring with different types of locking device. The various insert bearing series differ in the way the bearing is locked onto the shaft.  Some are locked onto the shaft with Set Screws, some are locked with Eccentric Locking Collars, some are locked with Adapter Sleeves, or with Interference Fit.

Insert bearings with an inner ring that is extended on both sides run more smoothly, as the extent to which the inner ring can tilt on the shaft is reduced.

Along with wide inner ring bearings, insert bearings are used in many different industries, from agriculture and food processing, to printing.

Product Details:

Product Name: Pillow Block Insert Ball Bearings

Series: UC 300 Series

Material: 100Cr6, Pressed Steel, NBR etc.

Precision Tolerances: C3

Packaging: Neutral carton box or customized


  • Designed for a constant and alternating rotation

  • Quick and easy to mount onto the shaft

  • Accommodate static initial misalignment

  • Long life service

  • Reduce noise and vibration levels

  • Little maintenance required.

Photos of UC 300 series Pillow Block Insert Ball Bearings

Drawing and Technical data Sheet of UC 300 series Insert Bearings

Bearing No.Shaft Dia dDimensions(mm)Basic LoadBasic StaticWeight
(in)(mm)DBiBernmGdsTRating (kg)Load Rating (kg)(kg)
UC 305-147/8
6238212152361/4-28   M6X0.756.1176011600.39
UC 305-1515/16
6238212152361/4-28   M6X0.756.1176011600.37
UC 305-161
6238212152361/4-28   M6X0.756.1176011600.35
UC 305
256238212152361/4-28   M6X0.756.1176011600.35
UC 306-181-1/8
7243232172661/4-28   M6X0.756.7211914450.6
UC 306-191-3/16
7243232172661/4-28   M6X0.756.7211914450.54
UC 306
307243232172661/4-28   M6X0.756.7211914450.56
UC 307-201-1/4
8048252.5192985/16-24   M8X17.4262018300.81
UC 307-211-5/16
8048252.5192985/16-24   M8X17.4262018300.79
UC 307-221-3/8
8048252.5192985/16-24   M8X17.4262018300.75
UC 307
358048252.5192985/16-24   M8X17.4262018300.75
UC 308-241-1/2
9052272.51933103/8-24   M10X1.258.2320022801.07
UC 308-251-9/16
9052272.51933103/8-24   M10X1.258.2320022801
UC 308
409052272.51933103/8-24   M10X1.258.2320022801
UC 309-261-5/8
10057302.52235103/8-24   M10X1.259415030601.39
UC 309-271-11/16
10057302.52235103/8-24   M10X1.259415030601.33
UC 309-281-3/4
10057302.52235103/8-24   M10X1.259415030601.28
UC 309
4510057302.52235103/8-24   M10X1.259415030601.26
UC 310-301-7/8
110613232239127/16-20   M12X1.510485036401.75
UC 310-311-15/16
110613232239127/16-20   M12X1.510485036401.67
UC 310
50110613232239127/16-20   M12X1.510485036401.65
UC 311-322
120663432541127/16-20   M12X1.510.7562042802.3
UC 311-342-1/2
120663432541127/16-20   M12X1.510.7562042802.2
UC 311-352-3/16
120663432541127/16-20   M12X1.510.7562042802
UC 311
55120663432541127/16-20   M12X1.510.7562042802.1
UC 312-362-1/4
13071363.52645127/16-20   M12X1.511.5642049602.8
UC 312-382-3/8
13071363.52645127/16-20   M12X1.511.5642049602.6
UC 312-392-7/16
13071363.52645127/16-20   M12X1.511.5642049602.6
UC 312
6013071363.52645127/16-20   M12X1.511.5642049602.5
UC 313-402-1/2
14075383.53045127/16-20   M12X1.512.2737057803.46
UC 313
6514075383.53045127/16-20   M12X1.512.2737057803.32
UC 314-442-3/4
15078403.53345127/16-20   M12X1.513817064803.9
UC 314
7015078403.53345127/16-20   M12X1.513817064803.9
UC 315-483
16082423.53250141/2-20   M14X1.513.8890073104.33
UC 315
7516082423.53250141/2-20   M14X1.513.8890073104.18
UC 316-503-1/8
17086443.53452141/2-20   M14X1.5145965083305.25
UC 316
8017086443.53452141/2-20   M14X1.5145965083305.25
UC 317-523-1/4
180964644056165/8-18   M16X1.5151041091307
UC 317
85180964644056165/8-18   M16X1.5151041091306.7
UC 318-563-1/2
190964844056165/8-18   M16X1.515.911300103007.65
UC 318
90190964844056165/8-18   M16X1.515.911300103007.6
UC 319-603-3/4
2001035044162165/8-18   M16X1.516.712300116008.75
UC 319
952001035044162165/8-18   M16X1.516.712300116008.75
UC 320-644
2151085444266183/4-16   M18X1.518143001280010.03
UC 320
1002151085444266183/4-16   M18X1.518143001280010.28
UC 321
UC 322
UC 324
UC 326
UC 328

Great care has been taken to ensure the correctness of the information contained in this publication but no liability can be assumed for any incorrect or incomplete data. The HOLK technical department reserves the right to final interpretation.

Founded in 1999, HOLK Bearing leads the way in the design and manufacture of quality Bearing Housings and Bearing Adapter Sleeves/Withdrawal Sleeves, we pride ourselves on an immediate and dedicated response to standard and special bearing housing solutions. 

HOLK's max bearing housing fabrication capability: up to 5 tons/pc

We produce top-notch quality Split Plummer Blocks worth more than US$1,000,000 to a big famous European bearing company every year.

We manufacture premium quality Bearing Adapter Sleeves worth more than US$500,000 to a big famous European bearing company every year.

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